Asus VENTO TA-D5 Series Chassis

Asus has today released the new VENTO TA-D5 Series Chassis. The Asus TA-D5 is a sturdy chassis with many considerate installation design features that provides the most user-friendly and simplest DIY environment by incorporating an exquisite ergonomic design for easy installation. Additionally, the TA-D5 also provides an advanced ventilation design to maximize thermal efficiency to the key components – especially for the CPU and video card. Since most users will likely be placing their chassis beneath their desks, the TA-D5 places the front I/O ports on the upper part of the front bezel for easy access for external device connections. Another considerate design feature is the dust filter contained within the CPU air-duct to keep the interior of the casing clean.

The Asus TA-D5 provides supports for both a 12cm front intake fan and a rear exhaust fan. Side venting holes provides cooler air from outside the chassis to lower CPU and video card temperatures, and the adjustable air-duct ensures airtight contact with the CPU to efficiently funnel the cool air towards the CPU while unique rear venting holes enhances ventilation around the add-on cards. All of these designs help make the Asus TA-D5 a quick and easy DIY installation chassis.