AUO announces worlds largest 71″ 21:9 Cinema Scope HD 3D TV LCD panel

AUO will showcase for the first time, the world’s largest 71″ 21:9 Cinema Scope HD (CSHD) 3D TV LCD panel at FPD International 2010 in Japan from November 10 to 12. The world’s largest 71″ CSHD 3D TV panel with 21:9 ultra-wide screen offers a stunning, cutting-edge theatrical experience of high quality 3D images. The panel is designed with a 240Hz double frame rate, LED scanning backlight and optimized parameters for better motion flow. The new ultra-narrow border design presents the images in even more delightful proportions. Wearing polarized 3D glasses, audiences will be able to enter a lifelike stereoscopic world filled with images of extraordinary clarity and brightness.

AUO will also showcase a 4″ 3D interactive touch panel suitable for use with smartphones, video game consoles and tablet PCs. The light pen and touch panel are integrated for the first time so that users can move within three dimensions—horizontally, vertically and in depth. For players of interactive 3D games, a fun and interesting 3D world becomes readily accessible. Adding spice to the mobile life, the 4″ portrait / landscape barrier 3D touch panel leads the industry by allowing users to freely move their fingers about on the touch panel and switch between 2D and 3D modes in portrait or landscape positions.