AUO Paper Cushion Structure for LCD TV panel package bags 2008 Green Package Design Award

AUO is to be honored with the 2008 Green Package Design Award by Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration for its industrial packaging design – “Paper Cushion Structure for LCD TV panel package. AUO is the only enterprise that is a non-professional packaging company to receive this award. The main features of this new packaging design include reducing cushion space within panels to increase loading panels per carton, reducing packaging material usage, and upgrading transportation efficiency. In addition, the strengthened structure design can bear high pressure and stack up to 1.5 floors high, helping customers save on warehouse storage space.

The packaging material is made from corrugated paper. Without any glue, it is easy to take apart and at the same time resists damage from falls or drops from all directions. The materials are also completely recyclable. This new design fits in the standard of green packaging-saving resources, recycling and lowering pollution and logistics cost. The design is patented in Taiwan, China and the U.S.