Avago APDS-9800 integrated sensor module helps to conserve power and extend battery life in mobile phones

Avago today announced a new ambient light and proximity sensor that has been integrated into an ultra-thin module for use in mobile phones. Avago’s compact APDS-9800 integrated sensor module is designed to help conserve power and extend battery life in mobile phones and is easy to install. The Avago APDS-9800 is composed of four chips: an ambient light sensor IC; proximity sensor and signal conditioning IC; LED emitter; and detector. The ambient light sensor, which has a spectral response that is close to that of the human eye, is used to control display backlighting brightness. The proximity sensor signal conditioning IC consists of an LED driver and receiver circuit with excellent ambient light cancellation capability. The built-in LED and detector allow the sensor to detect the proximity of an object to the device.

Avago’s APDS-9800 includes a shutdown mode to conserve power consumption and extend battery life. Additionally, the pulse width, burst rate, duty cycle and frequency can be controlled to further minimize power consumption. This new sensor module can also be used in other mobile electronic applications such as PDAs, handheld games and personal computers.