Bang & Olufsen design icon Form 2 Headphones celebrates 25-year anniversary with four new colours

This year, Bang & Olufsen’s acclaimed Form 2 Headphones celebrate their 25th anniversary. The timeless design and outstanding sound quality of these iconic headphones still make them a popular choice for any discerning music lover on the go. So popular that four new colours will be introduced this fall. With the Form 2 headphones you can crank up the volume without compromising sound quality or annoying the neighbors. The acoustic design remains untouchable; dynamic drive units offer true, well-defined sound stage with a good bass, a focused middle and precise highs, allowing you to shut out the world and submerge yourself in pure, listening pleasure.

Bang & Olufsen_form2.jpg
It’s not often you decide to introduce new colours on a 25 year old product, but the popularity of Form 2, seems to be never ending. 25 years ago the design was celebrated as cool, sleek and cutting-edge and so admired that it was even included in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Today, the admiration for the design has gone full circle and is now heralded for being retro-chic and the performance is still unquestionable.

The lightweight Form 2 headphones are easily adjusted for maximum comfort even during longer listening sessions or when you are on the move. The four new colours; red, orange, yellow and white give a variety of choices, whether you want a bold statement or a more discrete alternative. The black version will of course continue as it is today.