Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse with Mouse pad

USB.Brando HK has launched a battery free Wireless Optical Mouse with mouse pad. This high tech, newly designed battery free wireless optical mouse with 2 wheels uses Electromagnetic induction technology. Instead of clicking twice, just click once the ‘2X Button’ to straightly open files and programs easily. The second wheel with 4 quick functions- Horizontal scrolling to view wide spreadsheets, Zoom In/Out supports more than 100 useful programs; Backward/Forward scrolling of webpage etc makes this mouse truly high tech.

The plug & play USB.Brando Wireless Optical Mouse measures 12 x 6.4 x 3.7 cm and weighs approximately 90g. The diameter of mouse pad is 22.5cm. The Plug and play Battery free Wireless Optical Mouse with Mouse Pad from USB.Brando HK is available for approximately US$36.00.