Belkin n52te hybrid gaming keyboard

Belkin announced its new n52te, a hybrid gaming keyboard built to dominate in FPS (first-person shooter), MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing games), and RTS (real-time strategy) computer games. An improvement over its predecessor, the critically acclaimed n52, the n52te is enhanced by Razer’s killer performance software, which boasts a competitive advantage with portable player profiles, robust customization tools, and cool blue backlighting. Razer Synapse onboard memory enables plug-and-play versatility with no additional software installation and Razer software provides personalization of multiple player profiles.

With 15 fully programmable keys built for speed, adjustable soft-touch wrist pad for maximum comfort and endurance and programmable 8-way thumb pad with removable joystick, the Belkin n52te hybrid gaming keyboard will be available in November 2007 in the US, Europe, Australia, and Korea for approximately $70/-