BenQ MID S6- a fashionable easy-to-carry 3C product powered by Intel Atom CPU

In line with the advent of the wireless Internet era, BenQ has joined force with Intel and Far Far EasTone in rolling out a package MID (Mobile Internet Device) service allowing consumers to browse the Internet anytime, anywhere. The BenQ MID S6 features a large screen, capable of showing off complete webpage, which is often denied to mobile phones with Internet function. The device boasts excellent function thanks to the Intel Atom CPU featuring 45 micron technology, low power consumption, and small pocket size, making it a fashionable easy-to-carry 3C product. The 4.8” high-resolution touch screen can be easily manipulated via touch control, greatly boosting the fun for playing online games. BenQ MID S6 is capable of keeping Internet connection anytime via built-in 3.5G and WLAN.

BenQ MID S6 can be used as a digital photo frame, enabling your friends and relatives to share your photos and pleasant memories. Users can also easily adjust webpage sizes and conduct language conversion between traditional and simplified Chinese. With easy software installation, users can watch favorite films or TV programs with the device. Moreover, BenQ MID S6 is the first MID equipped with built-in Windows XP Home Edition and embedded VoIP in Taiwan.