BenQ Showcases high-performance Gaming Monitor XL2420T/XL2420TX Co-designed with Counter-Strike legends

couterstrike.jpgBenQ today announced the launch of the XL2420T and XL2420TX, its flagship gaming monitors for professional and competitive FPS (First-Person Shooting) game today. The new BenQ XL Series models are co-developed by core product developers and masterminds of gaming gears from ZOWIE GEAR, an innovative manufacturer of high-end professional gaming gears and R&D partner to BenQ, including prominent Counter-Strike legends, Emil HeatoN Christensen, Abdisamad SpawN Mohamed, Tommy Potti Ingemarsson, Christer fisker Eriksson and Michael ahl Korduner, as well as Xanver from UMX-Gaming. The 120Hz, 24”W, 3D-ready BenQ LED monitor gives gamers a competitive edge with features like the Black eQualizer, S Switch, FPS Mode,Display Mode, Smart Scaling, 2ms GTG, and 12M:1 DCR.

Black eQualizer.jpg
s_switch.jpgThe S Switch is a stylish remote controller that enables you to swiftly switch between customized display settings for gaming as well as entertainment. The scroll button even allows users to quickly navigate and change the OSD setting. Dressed in premium black housing and intricate red detailing, the recipients of Good Design Award 2011, red dot product design award 2011 and many design awards to come certainly also reflect a user’s taste in the finer things in life. The new XL Series will be heading to Europe in early November, worldwide thereafter.