BenQ SP920 DLP Dual-Lamp Projector with an ultra-high 6000 ANSI lumens

The new BenQ SP920 adopts a unique positioning of the lamps which alters the angles of light emission to generate an ultra brightness of 6000 lumens. This trademark lamp design of BenQ not only enables the SP920 to project the brightest light but also helps increase the efficiency of the lamps. So you can enjoy the best projection while benefiting from energy conservation. There are three projection modes to the SP920. The high brightness mode projects the brightest image even in an auditorium. The economy mode slightly reduces the projection brightness in order to decrease the wear on projector lamps which in turn ensures an interruption-free projection. The single lamp mode further minimizes the replacement of projector lamps.
The benQ SP920 gives you the truest, liveliest color ever with BenQ’s unique golden ratio 6-segment color wheel. Made in collaboration with advanced Brilliant Color technology from Texas Instruments, mid-tone colors are boosted to heighten brightness levels, making images more precisely rendered than ever.

BenQ SP920’s practical features enhance productivity, enjoyment and total cost of ownership. Its filter-free design cuts the cost and time associated with filter cleaning and replacement, a burden of LCD projectors. A 2000 to 4000-hour operation life (“Dual Brightest” to “Single Alternative” Normal Modes) also saves money over other high-brightness projectors whose lamps last only 1,500 to 2,000 hours. BenQ SP920 will be available in June Worldwide.