Bermuda Sun turns its newspaper into an interactive print medium with augmented reality

Last week, the Bermuda Sun turned its newspaper into an interactive print medium with the help of augmented reality. The use of the amazing technology is a first in this island and was an instant hit among the islanders. The island people were completely taken by surprise when they saw the advanced technology at work. Team members from this print media company hit the streets of Hamilton to help the people of Bermuda to acquaint with augmented reality technology.

With AR, readers can scan the pages with their tablets, smartphones or even smart-watches. This makes the pictures in the news pages to change into videos or picture galleries. Apart from the videos and photo galleries, readers can also be taken to website links, social media links and they can also check out other contact information for businesses.
Bermuda_Sun_AR_newsScanning is possible only when readers have the suitable AR app. In this case, readers need to download the Layar app in their mobile devices, be it tablets or smartphones. With the app, they can scan the pages of the Bermuda Sun and get to experience interactive content. The app can be downloaded for free.

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