Bill Gates to develop a revolutionary nuclear reactor with Korea

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has pledged to develop with Korea a revolutionary nuclear reactor that will leave far less radioactive waste than existing ones. Gates invested US$35 million in a nuclear-power venture company TerraPower in 2010. TerraPower is led by John Gilleland. It was formed from an effort initiated in 2007 by Nathan Myhrvold’s company, Intellectual Ventures .The Company includes expert staff and individual consultants who have worked for some of the most prestigious nuclear laboratories and engineering companies in the world.

Gates met with the head of the Korean Nuclear Society, Chang Soon-heung, in Seattle on Thursday and agreed to cooperate in the development of a sodium-cooled fast reactor, the KNS said Sunday. SFRs are next-generation nuclear technology that can use spent nuclear fuel rods from conventional reactors.

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  1. efef

    >> SFRs are next-generation nuclear technology
    SFR is an old technology that failed the industrialization. It will fail again for the same obvious reasons.
    The rest is blabla

  2. Grant Leslie

    Sodium? Ack.. just what we need in a nuclear reactor, as if radioactive cooling water leaking wasn’t bad enough, lets just use a liquid which will EXPLODE when it touches air… much safer…. *face palm*

    • Matthew Ballinger

      It’s safer because the sodium stays at atmospheric pressure as opposed to the 1000-2000 psi that light water reactors operate at.

  3. spongman

    i’m surprised he didn’t go with Thorium. Gates would seem like the perfect guy to break through the entrenched political morass surrounding Uranium and provide a cheap, clean, secure means for the world to rid itself of its petro-enduced energy crisis.

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