Buffalo BOMU-W24A/BL 2.4 GHz Wireless Gyro and Optical Mouse

You can have it all with the Buffalo 2.4 GHz Wireless Optical Mouse BOMU-W24A/BL. Buffalo BOMU-W24A/BL multipurpose mouse offers the ultimate in flexibility. The optical sensor allows you to use it on your desktop and the gyroscopic technology allows you to use it in the air .This mouse is a perfect combination for everyday computing, presentations, gaming, surfing the net and more. The Gyrotool software for Windows provides general tools for fingertip controls, easy access and customization to your liking. The BOMU-W24A/BL 2.4 GHz Mouse allows you to be mobile up to 10m away from your computer.

buffalo1a.jpgThe mouse takes approximately 9 hours to charge fully and can be used continuously for 96 hours. Charging is done by placing the mouse in the charging cradle. Gyro Tools function works with OS Windows 2000/XP (DirectX 8.0 installed) only. The Buffalo 2.4 GHz Wireless Optical Mouse BOMU-W24A/BL with gyro sensor measures 130×45×55mm and weighs 135g.Th mouse is available from late November for 20,769 Yen ($175).
Via Buffalo (Japanese)