Candela CLM20D1SB Professional 20.1″ LCD monitor

The 24bit full-color 20.1 inch UXGA LCD monitor “CLM20D1SB” from Candela Corporation is for Professionals users. For professionals, high resolution allows detailed viewing, both photo and video, providing the sharpness necessary to assess the intricacies of the image. They need 1600×1200 as a professional standard display. Model is rightfully marketed under “PROMISSION” brand. The 20.1” UXGA display has a contrast ratio 1,000:1, brightness of 300cd/ square m, and angle of visibility top, bottom/left and right 170 degrees. External interface include 1x mini- D-Sub15 pin and 1x DVI-D (digital).

The Candela CLM20D1SB LCD monitor measures 445.6×245.6×417.6mm), weighs 7.5kg and confirms J-Moss green mark. The monitor is available approximately for 59,800 Yen ($520).
Via Candela (Japanese)