Canon enters industrial camera market with M15P-CL still-image camera equipped with low-noise CMOS sensor

Canon announced its entry into the industrial camera market with the launch in Japan of the M15P-CL, a still-image camera. Canon M15P-CL features a low-noise, high-pixel-count imaging performance to inspect liquid crystal panels, solar panels and optical components used in digital cameras for any flaws. The Canon M15P-CL is designed to satisfy the manufacturing industry’s need to deliver high-precision quality. The new Canon M15P-CL supports the Camera Link interface standard.

The Canon M15P-CL incorporates a newly developed, approximately 15-megapixel black-and-white CMOS sensor based on the high-sensitivity CMOS sensor employed in Canon EOS DSLR’s. Achieving a high dynamic range with low noise, the sensor makes possible inspections with high-contrast imaging. When used in low-contrast inspection environments, the camera supports the capture of high-definition monochrome-gradation images, enabling the accurate detection of scratches, foreign matter and other defects that the human eye would be incapable of easily discerning. The Canon M15P-CL is available in Japan from March 19, 2014. Price is open

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