Canon Print as a Service to be unveiled at CeBIT 2014

More and more companies need flexible solutions that adapt to dynamic markets and corporate developments. Mobility is also becomingly increasingly important for the working environment, and on a global scale. In response, many innovative companies are standardizing their office environment to make it easy for their staff to work, no matter where they are. Security also plays a decisive role in this respect. Companies need to be sure their employees can open, print and share documents without compromising security. Canon started offering the relevant applications a long time ago and is constantly expanding its portfolio, particularly when it comes to service offerings. The company is now set to unveil its brand new “Canon Print as a Service” at CeBIT 2014.

Take a look at the current trends in the world of IT, and you’ll see that the “as a service” concept is really taking off. Users are losing interest in the combination of hardware and software components that helps to deliver a service and are focusing instead on the quality of the end result alone – the application itself is what matters. At the same time, Canon has created its new service offering to reflect these latest trends – and CeBIT 2014 is the chosen venue for the public unveiling of “Canon Print as a Service”. The name says it all: “Print as a Service” is the print-based service that is destined to become the new flagship for direct sales at Canon when it is launched at CeBIT.

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