Casio Affordable LampFree Projector EcoLite XJ-V2 Offers 3000 Lumens of Brightness

Casio announced today that it will expand its lineup of Core models lineup of next-generation lamp-free projectors with the release of the EcoLite XJ-V2 , an affordably priced projector (projected base price of less than US$700) that delivers 3000 lumens of brightness. The Casio XJ-V2 price will be lower than the cost of a conventional mercury lamp projector of an equivalent brightness plus one replacement lamp.The XJ-V2 can be mounted using existing universal standard ceiling mounting hardware, which minimizes investment and labor need for installation, and allows the projector to be used from the very day it arrives.

Casio_XJ_V2Casio improved the dust resistance of the XJ-V2 by structuring the internal components into three blocks to shield the optical block from dust. This helps ensure that dust does not lower projection brightness, enabling the XJ-V2 to operate dependably for a long time, just like the XJ-V1 model. The XJ-V2 reaches maximum brightness in as fast as five seconds from the time the power is switched on, eliminating the waiting time that comes with mercury lamps. Furthermore, it immediately powers off with just a touch of the button, and can be used again right away when powered back on without the need for a cool-down period.

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