Casio announces V-T500-GE and V-T500E Tough Business Tablets

Casio announced today the release of the V-T500-GE and V-T500E business tablets. Based on a product concept of Smart and Tough, these new tablets offer rugged, dependable performance and a full range of features to suit various work styles. The new Casio tablets run Android 4.0 and are equipped with an OMAP4460 1.5 GHz dual cores CPU. The V-T500-GE and V-T500-E are equipped with a large 10.1-inch screen with LED backlight for outstanding readability. The 10.1-inch screen offers excellent readability indoors and out, and offer multi-finger touch control as well as digitizer pen input (sold separately) for ease of use. The new tablets deliver tough, robust security, coming with an NFC Reader/Writer that can authenticate user login using a non-contact IC card, and they have a Secure Access Module (SAM) slot for applications where even higher security is required.

Developed using Casio’s advanced shock-resistant design, the V-T500-GE and V-T500E can withstand a drop of up to one meter, and also feature dust and splash-proof performance compliant with IP54 standards. The large-capacity, dedicated rechargeable battery provides an extensive operating time, and can be replaced easily by the user on the move. The V-T500-GE and V-T500-E come with a hand belt for securely holding the tablet horizontally or vertically, a neck strap that can be also worn over the shoulder, and a screen cover that can also be used as a stand. These new tablets are ideal for a wide range of business applications, including in-store customer service, maintenance operations, and sales visits.

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