Casio releases Baby-G Watches with hands that changes color when the LED black light is activated

Casio announced today the latest additions to its Baby-G line of shock-resistant watches for women. The new BGA-300 and BGA-301 watches feature hands with a luminescent material that changes color when the LED black light is activated. With the adoption of a special luminescent material, the hour and minute hands of the new watches change color from luminescent green to blue when the LED black light is activated in the dark. Furthermore, a special luminous ink on the hour markers glows in green or pink. Wearers can enjoy a watchface that offers a different impression in the dark, thanks to the black light.

The bracelet for the new Casio Baby-G l watches is made of Fine Resin, a type of polyamide resin that is strong and highly resistant to chemicals as well as to discoloration that can be caused by UV light. Thanks to the lightweight properties of resin, the new watches are surprisingly light for their fashionable big face, making them an ideal accessory for women to wear. The bracelet features a hairline mirror finish on the center row, for a tasteful accent on a simple design. The new lineup features a selection of three models: the BGA-300-7A2 with a metallic pink dial, the BGA-301-1A with black watchband and brown dial, and the BGA-301-4A with a feminine Bordeaux color.

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