Casio releases EDIFICE metal watches with Neon Illuminator

Casio announced today the release of five new EFR-536 models in its line of EDIFICE metal watches, which are designed to convey the concept of Speed and Intelligence. Employing Casio’s Neon Illuminator technology, which uses invisible light from a black light LED to cause parts with a special coating to glow, these new watches feature dials and hands with handsome night-time luminescence. The watch indicators, dials and hands are coated with a special luminous ink that absorbs the photic energy of black light and emits light, causing each coated part to glow vividly.

Casio_Vivid Night-time Luminescence_range
The new Casio EFR-536 models are the first in the EDIFICE series to feature Casio’s Neon Illuminator technology. Finished with a special fluorescent coating, the watch dials and hands glow vividly when the built-in black light LED turns on in the dark. Users can enjoy the different looks presented by the watchface—which evokes a dashboard gauge in a fast vehicle—as it changes from daytime to nighttime. The EFR-536 watches also come with highly practical features such as a 1/10-second stopwatch and an extremely airtight screw back case.

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