Casio launches Worlds First Calculator with Selectable Indian Number Display

Casio today announced the release of the DJ-120D check calculator featuring a selectable Indian number display. The Casio DJ-120D features Casio’s popular 150 steps check function, and features the world’s first localized number display that can be switched to an Indian digit separator format. Casio’s check function enables users to review values entered during calculation steps, either during or after calculation. In the standard format, numbers are separated every three digits. When the Indian format is selected, the first three digits are separated and subsequently separated every two digits.

The DJ-120 also offers a selectable top and bottom digit separator position. There is also an option to use periods for digit separators and a comma for the decimal point, as done in Europe. Casio is also releasing the JJ-120D compact desk type calculator, and the MJ-100D/120D mini desk type calculators