Casio WK-7500 top-of-the-line electronic keyboard features a Song Sequencer offering 16 tracks plus one system track

The Casio WK-7500 features a Song Sequencer offering 16 tracks plus one system track. On the system track, both the keyboard performance and the auto accompaniment are simultaneously recorded. Then, up to another 16 tracks of music played on the keyboard can be recorded. A Pattern Sequencer also allows users to create original accompaniment parts.The Casio WK-7500’s Audio Recording / Playback Function enable sounds from an external microphone or other instrument to be recorded for playback, then simultaneously mixed with keyboard performances and the Song Sequencer for recording. Taken together, these functions unleash the user’s full creativity to make great music. The Casio WK-7500 is equipped with 800 diverse tones and 250 rhythms built-in.

The Casio WK-7500 is also loaded with a full range of functions for creating sounds, including a wide choice of Multiple Digital Effects—100 types of Digital Signal Processor(DSP) effects, 10 reverb effects, and 5 chorus effects—and a Tone Editor that allows users to set various parameters to make original tone patches.