Century Netbook cooler packs a DVD burner and space for extra SATA hard drive!

century_netbook_stand.jpgCentury Netbook cooler CNBS-WT/ODD just looks like any ordinary Netbook stand. The similarity end there. This innovative Netbook cooler also packs a DVD burner. Also the product includes space under its lid for an extra 2.5-inch SATA hard drive or solid state drive. A Netbook is simply placed on top of the stand and hooked up via a USB cable; the fan is then powered up and the DVD drive is ready for use. The cooler comes with two extra USB sockets also. A fan is built into the left side and swivels up into an unusual vertical position for use. The Century DVD burner handles all manner of DVDs at speeds of up to 8× and 24× for CDs.

The 4-cm fan revolves at a respectable 5,000 rpm. The stand measures 260×190×19 mm and weighs 524 grams. Century Netbook cooler CNBS-WT/ODD is available in Japan for approximately 9,980 yen ($103).