China Netcom offers hi-tech Olympic eight first time innovations in digital communications

China Netcom has developed eight innovations in digital communications used for the first time at the hi-tech Olympics. An ASON-based intelligent optical transmission network is in use for the first time to improve the quality and security of the video transmission and special services for the Games. For the first time light-compression high-definition (HD) video transmission technology has been used. Netcom is employing long-distance non-compressed methods to deliver original HD TV signal without any loss globally. The result is TV viewers can watch events almost as instantaneously as visitors on the spot, solving the problem of delay in TV transmission.
As well, IPv6-based video monitoring will be used for the first time to offer real-time viewing 24 hours a day, seven days a week end-to-end at Olympic venues and the Olympic Command Center.As well, the media at Olympics venues will for the first time is offered broadband access and high-speed Internet services using an IC card with no limit on flow. It is also first time VLAN-based multimedia real-time transmission services will be used.

For the first time a multi-language call center will be offered in which the user can dial the call center to get emergency assistance and be automatically identified by ID, language and location. Users can receive support in their native language or English on first contact. The first technical code for Olympics communication security services has also been developed by Netcom. Netcom also developed the first Olympic symbol review system and communication command information system for the Games.