CitySprint adds Smith Edison electric van to its London fleet

After satisfactory road testing, CitySprint has concluded that the greater capital cost of the Smith Edison electric van would be offset by potential cost savings in fuel and maintenance. CitySprint is the UK’s leading courier network offering Same Day Courier, Next Day Courier, International Courier, and Specialist Services on a 24/7 basis. Commenting on the driving experience CitySprint’s Fleet & Specialist Services Director said that the electric van is a superb drive; smooth, surprisingly quick and, with no need to change gears and without the noise, rattle and emissions of a typical diesel, very courier friendly.

The Smith Edison electric van is made more commercially viable still by its status as a Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) free vehicle and its exemption from London’s congestion charging. CitySprint aims to increase the number of environmentally friendly vehicles in its fleet by 30% in 2008. CitySprint’s environmental programme has been accredited with the internationally recognized ISO14001:2004, a voluntary initiative aimed at improving environmental performance.