Clarion car navigation system ahead of iPhone

Clarion Japan presented a car navigation system that can be operated without touching a touch panel and switches at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show. Using four infrared sensors each located at its top, bottom, left and right, the car navigation system detects hand moves and works in accordance with them. You can enlarge
the map displayed on the screen by waving a hand from up to down and zoomed out the map by moving the hand in the reverse manner. If you move the hand from left to right, the display will switch to double frame mode with a map at a different scale displayed in the right frame.
Musical files will show in the right frame when the hand is moved from right to left again and the screen will return to the initial frame mode when the same hand motion is repeated once again.
If a hand is held over the infrared sensor at the bottom of the car navigation system for a certain period of time, the menu display will be shown. Users can choose items in the same menu level by moving a hand from left to right and view items under the chosen item by moving a hand from up to down.

With infrared sensors located on both sides, the car navigation system can sense whether the driver or the person in the front passenger seat is operating the device. Based on this capability, the car navigation system allows the person in the front passenger seat to operate menu items that the driver can’t operate while driving.