Coca-Cola’s new Peak shift vending machines in Japan reduces daytime power consumption by 95%

Coca-Cola Japan has unveiled new innovative energy-saving vending machines known as Peak shift vending machines in Japan. The vending machines shift the use of power for cooling from the general daytime peak demand period to nighttime, when relatively less strain is placed on power supply. In summer, these machines can provide cooled products for 16 hours while reducing daytime power consumption by 95%. Power consumption is also reduced in winter by 20% compared to current vending machines and, combined with power consumed for cooling; these vending machines are a global forerunner that can reduce power consumption by 68%.

In the first year of peak shift vending machines’ introduction from January to December 2013, Coca-Cola will spend 10 billion yen ($121242000) in related investment and that 25,000 units will be installed in Japan. Peak shift vending machines are a world-pioneering, innovative new type of vending machine jointly developed by Coca-Cola Japan and Fuji Electric. Field testing was conducted over two months in Japan from July 2012. Results verified that if cooling was conducted at night, when there is relatively little power consumption, and turned off during the day, then cold products could be sold for a maximum of 16 hours, reducing daytime power consumption by 95%.

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