Corega compact active speaker system for iPod shuffle

The compact active speaker system-CG-IPSPDC03 from Corega, Japan is compatible with the 2nd generation iPod shuffle and is available in colors to match your iPod shuffle. The active speaker system has the Dock connector for iPod shuffle on the center and is powered by batteries or via USB port. When connected to the USB port, the system also charges the iPod battery also. Data transfer is also possible when connected to a PC. The installed capacity of built-in amplifier 0.5W×2ch and the anti magnetic driver unit measures 20×25mm diameter. The playback frequency is 200Hz-16 kHz with 70dB signal-noise ratio.

The Corega CG-IPSPDC03 active speaker system measure 100×22×40mm weighs 50g and is available for approximately 3,360 Yen ($28).