Creative launches high-performance headset for urban travelers-Aurvana ANC

Creative high-performance headset Aurvana ANC is designed for urban travelers to enjoy long hours of music, movies or games in comfort by cancelling the surrounding noise. The ultra lightweight design and comfortable plush leatherette memory foam ear padding gives users long hours of comfort to enjoy their music and even a good rest in a noisy environment such as aircraft cabins, trains or buses.The headphone comes with a durable braided audio cable with inline microphone for music controls and phone calls.

Creative_Aurvana ANC_headset_comfortableThe Aurvana ANC utilizes specially designed built-in microphones embedded in both earcups to dynamically monitor the levels of external ambient noise entering the ear. The headphone then intelligently cancels out the external environmental noise so users enjoy only the desired audio coming from the headphone. The headset also features professionally-tuned 40mm Neodymium drivers that deliver the balanced detailed audio performance associated with the well received Aurvana line of headphones.
ANC_travel_pouchThe Creative Aurvana ANC headse delivers the best possible audio experience in form and function. The ergonomic over-the-ear design with a lightweight steel headband wrapped in soft leatherette delivers the ultimate comfort and fit in a headset for individuals on the go. The earcups come with a polished chrome finish lined with a tinge of classic blue that exudes a minimalist sophistication. The Aurvana ANC is easily stowable and comes with foldable earcups and a hard travel case that allows users to take the headphone on their travels. The Creative Aurvana ANC is available for USD129.99 at the online store at
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