Daihatsu to supply min vehicles to Toyota for sale in Japan

Daihatsu is to supply minivehicles (Vehicles with an engine displacement of no greater than 660 cc and exterior dimensions no greater than 340 cm in length, 148 cm in width and 200 cm in height) to Toyota on an original-equipment-manufacturer’s basis for sale in Japan. Daihatsu is to supply Toyota three models of mini vehicles in stages starting in autumn 2011, leading to an expected Toyota sales volume of approximately 60,000 mini vehicles annually (once all three models are on sale).

The Daihatsu models—the first mini vehicles to carry a Toyota badge—are to be sold through Corolla and Netz dealers nationwide, as well as through Toyota and Toyopet dealers in regions in Japan in which mini vehicles account for a large part of the overall vehicle market. Today’s announcement is the result of a conclusion to take advantage of the resources of the Toyota Group to more quickly respond to consumer demand and to maintain good customer relations.