Denso’s first EGR cooler for gasoline engines is 30 percent smaller than others in the market

In an effort to meet stricter fuel efficiency and exhaust emission regulations worldwide, Denso has developed its first EGR cooler for gasoline engines. The newly developed EGR cooler is 30 percent smaller than the smallest one currently available on the market, while offering equal performance. DENSO’s EGR cooler uses finer slits just 1 mm wide, compared with conventional models with internal fin slits measuring 4 to 5 mm in width, which allows the system to discharge more heat per unit volume. This design enabled DENSO’s EGR cooler to be 30 percent smaller than the smallest product in the market, all while offering equal performance.

This Denso EGR cooler is installed in Toyota’s Camry and AQUA, also known as the Prius C, which will be available on the global market. DENSO plans to offer this product worldwide as a solution to meet tighter fuel-efficiency and exhaust regulations.

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