DoCoMo to Launch Xi- Japan’s First LTE Service with maximum downlink speed of 75 Mbps

xi.jpgNTT DoCoMo announced today its launch of Xi (read “Crossy”), Japan’s first wireless connectivity service based on the extra-high-speed technology, Long Term Evolution (LTE), scheduled on December 24, 2010. Xi will enable mobile data communication at a maximum downlink speed of 75 Mbps, or about ten times as fast as DoCoMo’s current FOMA 3G service. Voice calls using Xi will become possible sometime within the fiscal year starting in April 2011, when DoCoMo will begin launching LTE-compatible mobile phones. Xi service initially will be available in the Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka areas, with other major cities and regions to be added thereafter. DoCoMo initially will sell Xi data terminals for connection to mobile computers, beginning with the USB-type L-02C.

At launch, two data-only billing plans will be offered: Xi Data Plan Ninen and Xi Data Plan. As a special introductory offer, the maximum monthly charge for unlimited data using Xi Data Plan Ninen will be 4,935 yen ($60) through April 2012. Billing plans for Xi voice services will be announced later.