eCoupled technology to bring real wireless power to consumer electronics in 2009

Untitled-1.jpgEnergizer Battery is working with Fulton Innovation to accelerate development of efficient, intelligent wireless power solutions that can charge portable devices without traditional power cords.As part of the relationship, Energizer is utilizing eCoupled wireless charging, one of a number of enabling technologies that Energizer views as having great potential in addressing consumers’ needs for portability and power — when and wherever they need it. eCoupled technology eliminates the need for power cords by creating a closely-coupled inductive electromagnetic circuit that is combined with an intelligent control system that constantly monitors the power flow to insure optimal efficiency and safety.

By leveraging the physics of near-field inductive coupling and combining it with proprietary communications and control microprocessor technology, Fulton Innovation will facilitate new advances in electronic device design. eCoupled technology will bring real wireless power to infrastructure, appliances, and consumer electronics starting in 2009.