Epson Announces binocular see through smart glasses that displays a 120 inch full HD screen

Epson today announced MOVERO smart glass BT-40 that displays a full HD screen equivalent to 120 inches from the binocular see-through smart glasses. BT-40 allows user to enjoy a large-screen viewing in front of him just by wearing them like glasses. Besides BT-40, Epson announced BT-40S compatible with Google Play. BT-40S comes with a pocket size controller – BO-IC400.  The controller can also be used with existing MOVERIO monitor model BT-30E / 35E.

The glasses-type headset uses Epson’s original 0.45-inch silicon OLED. A 60-inch equivalent screen can be viewed about 2.5 m away, and a 120-inch equivalent screen about 5 m away. The resolution is full HD / 1,920 x 1,080 dots. Because of the see-through style, you can check the surrounding situation and enjoy the video while relaxing. User can switch to 3D display with the touch of a button. Since the left and right independent displays are used, crosstalk that doubles the images does not occur, and clear and powerful 3D images can be viewed.

The headset comes with a USB Type-C terminal and supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode. By connecting to a smartphone or PC that supports this function, the screen of the device can be displayed. Power is supplied with the video from the terminal connected via USB Type-C. The temple has a structure that supports it on a wider surface, so it does not slip even when facing down, and it is comfortable to wear without getting tired. A leaf spring structure is also adopted, so even users with small faces can wear it stably. Glasses up to 144 mm wide can be worn over the glasses.

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The main body is IPX2 waterproof for daily life, and the magnetic shade (included) can be used when using it in a bright place or when user want to concentrate on image. Other features include, geomagnetic / acceleration / gyro / illuminance sensor and 4-pole mini jack. The external dimensions are 194 x 164 x 41 mm without a shade, and the weight is about 95 g without shade and cable. MOVERIO BT-40 smart glasses will be available next month in Japan for approximately 64,900 yen ($615) for the smart glasses alone and 115,500 yen ($1094) with the controller.

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The controller BO-IC400 is equipped with a touch-enabled 3-inch IPS LCD and Wi-Fi. Since Android 9 is used as the OS, user can download apps from Google Play and enjoy video distribution services. The processor is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1, the main unit storage capacity is 64GB, the memory capacity is 4GB.It also has a 0.5W output speaker, a 3.5mm stereo mini jack, a microphone, and a camera with about 13 million pixels. Equipped with a micro-SD card slot, micro-SD cards up to 2TB can be used. User can save videos and photos and play them back on MOVERIO.

The controller is Bluetooth 5.0 compliant and can connect keyboards, earphones, speakers, etc. wirelessly. The controller USB Type-C terminal separately from the one for headset connection, can be used for connecting to an outlet or mobile battery.  specifications as well as headsets. The IPX2 water resistant controller measures 55 x 110 x 23 mm and weighs about 180 g. Scheduled to be released in April, direct sales price is approximately 64,900 yen ($615) in Japan.