Epson Develops Compact, Lightweight Spectroscopic Camera to Automate Color Inspections

Epson has developed an optimal solution for color management processes with a compact, lightweight spectroscopic camera that can be integrated into manufacturing lines that can automate and quantify inspections, and output images without the time and trouble of compositing. Differences in color can occur between products in different production lots in ordinary manufacturing processes. A spectroscopic camera can be used by manufacturers to perform, color variation inspections and surface coating inspections to control these differences to a certain extent and ensure product quality.

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The RGB cameras currently used in above inspections are unable to capture detailed color information and are not always able to distinguish between subtle differences in color. Consequently, most visual inspections relied on human color perception. However, color perception varies among individuals, and human error puts manufacturers at risk of shipping defective goods. Epson will launch its first spectroscopic camera, one that captures light across the visible spectrum, in the 2020 fiscal year ending March 2021.

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