Epson announces Drive Recorder IC to Capture Accident Data

seiko_epson_arm.jpgEpson today announced the development of a controller IC specifically designed for drive recorders. The growing popularity of “black box” drive recorders for cars is fuelling a drastic increase in demand for greater functionality. Topping the functionality wish list is the ability to record in real time and store image data for extended periods so that the exact moment of an accident is recorded without fail. Evolved from the S2S65A00, a controller IC used in drive recorders already in the market, Epson developed the S2S65A30 as a single chip solution to support the advanced features required in a state-of-the-art drive recorder.

The S2S65A30 also speeds the development cycle and reduces development man-hours as it is pin compatible with the existing S2S65A00 and backward compatible with earlier software. Samples of the new S2S65A30 controller will commence shipping from August 2009, and volume production is slated for November.