Epson Image Enhancement IC automatically controls LCD panel backlighting

lcd.jpgEpson announced the development of the S2D13782F, an image enhancement IC for use in medium- and small-size liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. Adopting Epson’s original image enhancement technology, the new Epson S2D13782F IC effectively reduces the level of power consumption in LCD panels, while simultaneously correcting the picture to realize richly colorful screen displays. With over 20 million units shipped to market, Epson has acquired significant experience and expertise in creating LCD controller ICs. It achieved the latest milestone with its AME2EX (Auto Movie Enhancement 2 Extended) image enhancement technology, which it mobilized to reduce power consumption by 30 to 50% by controlling backlighting in real-time to an appropriate level.

The Epson IC S2D13782F IC at the same time corrects input images to optimal brightness, contrast, gamma curve and saturation to achieve richly colorful images with fine contrast. Customers can determine the input data for exercising control over backlighting by selecting either the display image or natural light sensor control signal.
Epson also facilitates greater visibility in subtitles and other text data by applying its Adaptive Sharpness technology, which automatically distinguishes text and visual domains from input images, and subjects each domain to optimal edge reinforcement processing. With highly stable performance across a wide range of fields, Epson’s new product S2D13782F IC exhibits the reliability required for automotive applications. Sample shipments will commence from today.