Epson Toyocom HCSL Output SAW Oscillators for High-Speed Interfaces

Epson Toyocom has developed two new HCSL output SAW oscillators, the EG-2102CA HCSL and the EG-2121CA HCSL. Featuring low jitter and low phase noise, these oscillators are ideal for PCI Express and FB-DIMM applications. With low jitter and low phase noise characteristics at the fundamental frequency, typical phase jitter is 0.3 ps (offset frequency of 12 kHz – 20 MHz, and output frequency of 100 MHz).

Epson SAW oscillatorsEG-2102CA HCSL and EG-2121CA HCSL supports fundamental frequency outputs as high as 500 MHz owing to Epson Toyocom’s high-stability SAW devices.