First persons to get iPhone 3G mobile

The world’s first iPhone 3G buyer is a student in New Zealand. Gladwell held his place in line in the city of Auckland for 60 hours, motivated by the urgings of friends who said they would cover the cost of the gadget–and who supplied an exercise bike and a masseuse.
Taichiro Nakamura is the first to buy the iPhone 3G in Japan. He purchased the iPhone 3G near the Softbank Corp flagship store in Tokyo’s Omotesando shopping district.
The first iPhone buyers in Switzerland poses for photographers next to Apple’s new iPhone 3G in Zurich .
The first buyer of the new 3G iPhone in Hong Kong.
Jordon Brown, the first buyer of the new Apple iPhone 3G in Toronto,Canada.
Update – The iPhone 3G went on sale today at the Softbank flagship store in Omotesando/Harajuku, Tokyo. Few images of the iPhone 3G fans waiting in queue after the jump.

A happy customer shows the first Apple iPhone 3G phone sold in a Mobistar centre in Brussels.
David Suen the first customer in UK holds up his new Apple 3G iPhone as he walks to the activation counter at the Apple retail store in Regent Street, London.
Brett Howell, the first iPhone buyer in Australia, poses with his iPhone purchase in a store in central sydney.
Images Of Japanese Waiting for iPhone 3G in Tokyo