Flower Robotics Home-Use Robot Patin can be used in all homes around the world

Flower Robotics, a Tokyo-based venture firm, showed a prototype of the Patin home-use robot in Tokyo recently. Patin is a robot that can be used in all homes around the world. It is a platform enabling third parties to develop applications for it. Patin is made of autonomously behaving AI and a platform with moving functions. It is possible to give it various functions by connecting different service units. For example, lighting or planting service unit can be connected.

PatinPatin’s AI moves through observation and decision of surrounding environments, and behaves autonomously by collaborating with mounted lightings or properly responding to the request of plant care. Totally new viewpoint will appear in a living scene, through the imagination of putting Patin on existing products, like “thinking illumination” and “thinking green” fitting in human behaviors. Such an “autonomous mobility of existing functions” is the concept ofPatin.
Patin_RobotPatin consists of Patin main body, various service units, Patin pit, and cloud. Various sensors (collision, thermal, depth, motion, and voice sensors), speaker, and mobility function by omni wheels are all equipped in a main body of Patin.
Tatsuya Matsui_Flower_RoboticsBy offering SDK and simulator affinitive with Android application development environment, the company provides such environments easier to participate for many software developers. Patin pit has functions to charge Patin’s main body and communicate between Patin’s main body and Wi-Fi to send the information to cloud or receive up-date information from cloud to Patin. Cloud accumulates behavior and other information integrated from each Patin, and distributes up-date to improve the behavioral accuracy.
Specification of Patin:
Dimension: Length: 340mm / Width: 330mm / Hight: 193mm
OS: Linux
Wheel: Omni wheel
Motor: DC motor
Battery: Lithium ion battery
Main CPU Board: Jetson TK1
Control Board: Ardino board
Camera Sensor: Depth camera, Thermal image camera. Monocular Camera, Drop prevention sensor, Obstacle detection sensor and Contact sensor.
Cladding material: Glass filled nylon (powder molding)
Others: Wi-Fi / USB / adapter.

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