Fujifilm announces three lightweight superzoom compact cameras with electronic viewfinders and HD video recording

Fujifilm today announced the new FinePix S1600, S1800, and S2500HD, a range of compact and lightweight, 12 megapixel digital cameras with powerful Fujinon long-zoom lenses. Built around new x 15 and x 18 Fujinon lenses and Fujifilm’s proprietary image processing, the new range of Fuji FinePix S1600, S1800 and S2500HD compact cameras delivers remarkably high quality results all the way from wide angle through to telephoto. All three models boast a 28mm wide-angle start to the zoom range, while the FinePix S1600 extends this to 420mm (x 15) and the FinePix S1800 and the FinePix S2500HD reach an impressive 504mm at telephoto (x 18). With a mechanically stabilised CCD sensor and high ISO sensitivity (to ISO6400) for anti-blur protection, the combination of these technologies reduces the blurring effect of both hand-shake and subject movement to provide sharp, clean and clear results.

Providing you with the flexibility of framing your shots using the high quality electronic viewfinder or the large, bright 3.0-inch LCD screen, whichever you choose, they both offer high resolution image playback and a fast frame rate of 60 fps. All S models now capture HD videos and HD stills and the FinePix S2500HD features an HDMi mini port also. With unique easy-grip styling, and their small, lightweight design, these models can be easily carried around with you, yet are sturdy enough to let you know that you’re in charge of the technology.
fujifilm_FinePix S2500HD.jpg