Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town becomes a reality

Panasonic, its partner companies and the city of Fujisawa have worked together to make Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town a reality. The city of Fujisawa in Kanagawa Prefecture is located approximately 50km west of Tokyo. In April 2014, residents began to move in, and the town’s core facility, Fujisawa SST SQUARE, which is serving as the main landmark of the town and a central communication base, opened in November. The Fujisawa SST has now moved forward from the “construction phase to the cultivate phase. It has now become fully operational as an eco and smart town that holds people’s lifestyles at the heart of town development.

Panasonic_Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town_residentFujisawa Sustainable Smart Town holds people’s lifestyles at the heart of its development. And as such, it provides 5 key services that enrich people lives – energy, security, mobility, healthcare, and community. Energy services include Panasonic’s cutting-edge technology including LED lighting, solar panels, storage batteries, and household fuel cell cogeneration systems or heat pump water heater equipped in each home. This not only promotes local generation and local consumption of energy, but with these solutions and excellent energy management, the town is aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 70%. Moreover, these systems store backup energy resrves to last 3 days in case of emergencies.
Panasonic_Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town_sharingFor mobility, the town offers car and bicycle sharing services that feature EVs and electric power assisted bicycles. The town will also offer comprehensive healthcare by seamlessly connecting various facilities. Relationships with neighbors and the local community have weakened over time. So the town is also making efforts to provide opportunities for people to forge relationships with their neighbors by developing facilities and organizing events where people can naturally gather.
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