Fujitsu announces World’s First XBRL software to support latest Table Linkbase

Fujitsu today announced the immediate global availability of the latest version of its market-leading XBRL software, Interstage XWand V13. This is the world’s first XBRL software to support the latest Table Linkbase specification. The new XBRL software makes it possible to convert XBRL data into table format and to automatically generate input forms, all without any additional programing. This substantially reduces development costs for applications that display and edit XBRL data. In addition, in reading and validating growing volumes of XBRL data, the software consumes up to 60% less memory and processes at speeds up to 300 times that of previous Interstage XWand versions.

The Fujitsu Interstage XWand has to date been employed by over 100 institutions and companies in 34 countries worldwide, including the Bank of Spain, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the EDINET system at Japan’s Financial Services Agency, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s TDnet system; to name just a few. Fujitsu XWand is currently the leader in XBRL product market share globally. Fujitsu will be exhibiting Interstage XWand V13 at the 26th International XBRL Conference, to be held from April 16-18 in Dublin, Ireland.

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