Fujitsu eye tracking technology enables screen scrolling or zooming using eye movements

Fujitsu today announced development of eye tracking technology that takes advantage of compact, inexpensive cameras and light-emitting diodes (LED) embedded in PCs. Up until now, tracking eye movements required a specialized camera and LED, the prohibitive cost and size of which made it difficult to use in PCs and other general-purpose products. Moreover, less expensive equipment was of insufficient quality, and blurred images meant poor detection accuracy.

Now, however, using a near-infrared LED and the type of compact, inexpensive camera that comes as a standard feature in many PCs, Fujitsu has developed image processing technology that can overcome blurred images to accurately detect the pupil of the eye. As a result, an eye tracking device can be embedded into the frame of a PC screen without detracting from the PC’s design, enabling a new and natural non-contact PC interface in which, for example, screen zooming and scrolling based on where one is looking are possible.

Details on this technology will be exhibited at CEATEC Japan 2012, opening October 2 (Tuesday) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

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