Fujitsu Laboratories and Holst Centre Commence Joint Research on Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Transceivers

Fujitsu Laboratories and Holst Centre, today announced that they have commenced joint research related to the development of ultra-low-power wireless transceivers for wireless sensor networks. The research aims to reduce power consumption in wireless transceivers, a key device in wireless sensor networks that can be employed in medicine, healthcare, agricultural management, and a host of other fields. Holst Centre and its mother organization imec possess some of the world’s leading technologies for wireless transceiver power reduction.

Likewise, Fujitsu Laboratories has accumulated and commercialized power reduction technologies for systems other than wireless sensor networks, such as LSIs for UHF RFID tags. By collaborating on the research together, the organizations anticipate being able to quickly commercialize their cutting-edge research results. As a result, the research will help improve the battery runtimes of sensor devices.

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