Fujitsu launches Karada Life Pregnancy Support –a smartphone health support service for women in Japan

Fujitsu will offer Karada Life Pregnancy Support, a smartphone health support service for women, in Japan starting from May 30. Karada Life Pregnancy Support was developed by Fujitsu from APIs (application programming interfaces) provided by MTI Ltd., which operates Luna Luna, a health information service for women. The Karada Life smartphone application will be accessible from a variety of Fujitsu smartphones including the new docomo Smartphone ARROWS NX F-05F which will be available from May 30 in Japan.

Fujitsu_Sending basal body temperature dataThis service provides estimated menstruation and ovulation dates, assesses physical and emotional states during the menstrual cycle, gives advice on skincare and lifestyle, and also indicates probabilities of pregnancy. This will allow women to better understand their menstrual cycles and provide a reference for women facing issues with PMS or for those wanting to become pregnant, while supporting their overall health. MTI provides users with both convenient and fun services by way of mobile sites and apps usable on smartphones and tablets, delivering such content as music, health information, e-books, weather information, and more.

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