Fujitsu opens Cashier-less store utilizing AI cash register less solution Zippin for first time in Japan

Fujitsu today announced a cash register system that utilizes the AI ​​cash register less solution “Zippin” at its convenience store Bee There Go (operated by KS LINK ) for employees , opened in the new Recruit office at Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. By combining IoT devices such as cameras and shelf sensors with AI on the cloud, the system determines the movements of customers and purchased products, and automatically payment is made from customers credit card. Zippin offers unparalleled inventory tracking and insights to ensure the right products are in the right place, at the right time.

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The employee has to download the smartphone app Bee There Go developed by Fujitsu in advance with his credit card details. At the store he has to hold the QR code displayed on the app over the sensor at the entrance gate to enter the store. After entering the store, the movements of customers and purchased products are collected through cameras and shelf sensors in the store and processed by AI on the cloud. As a result,

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Customer can check the purchase details on the electronic receipt sent to his smartphone after he leaves the store. The AI cash register less solution, Zippin allows the shop keeper to easily check sales by month, week, and day, and change daily product prices from the management Web screen. By further reducing the work of store employees, it becomes possible to implement flexible sales measures according to daily sales.