Fujitsu quantum/HPC hybrid computing technology offers easier access to next-generation computing technologies to non-computing experts

Fujitsu today announced the development of quantum/HPC hybrid computing technology to optimize workload selection for customers. The new AI-based software, which serves as a precursor to a future computer workload broker technology, automatically selects from different next-generation computing platforms to offer the optimal solution to customers’ problems based on parameters including calculation time, calculation accuracy, and costs.

To realize its vision for the computing workload broker, Fujitsu has now developed a quantum/HPC hybrid calculation technology for solving quantum chemical problems to enable calculation-based clarification of the properties of materials used in drug discovery and new material development. The new technology, which serves as a precursor to the computing workload broker, enables high precision calculations at high speed by automatically and optimally combining two types of computers: a quantum simulator and HPC.

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Crucially, the technology allows users without specialized knowledge to use quantum simulators and HPC technology to provide effective solutions to real-world problems. Moving forward, Fujitsu will verify the effectiveness of this technology and further develop it, with the aim of establishing a new computing workload broker technology in the field of quantum chemical calculations by fiscal 2023.

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