Fujitsu Receives Order for a Supercomputer System consisting of over 2,000 servers from Kyushu University

Fujitsu today received an order from the Research Institute for Information Technology at Kyushu University, Japan for a new supercomputer system. The computational nodes will be made up of 2,128 PRIMERGY CX400 systems, the next-generation model of Fujitsu’s x86 server, equipped with Intel Xeon processor Scalable family (codename: Skylake). 128 of these servers will be equipped with four NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU computing cards each (a total of 512 cards/ NVIDIA NVLink used to connect GPUs). It is expected to offer top-class performance in Japan, providing a theoretical peak performance of about 10 petaflops .

This will be Japan’s first supercomputer system featuring a large-scale private cloud environment constructed on a front-end sub system, linked with a computational server of a back-end sub system through a high-speed file system.The server system of the new supercomputer system will consist primarily of a back-end subsystem, a front-end subsystem, and a storage subsystem. Front-end subsystem will consist of 160 basic front-end nodes featuring Intel Xeon processor Scalable family (codename: Skylake) and NVIDIA Quadro P4000 graphics cards, as well as four high-capacity front-end nodes featuring 12 terabytes of memory each, and other servers. Fujitsu will deploy a disk array system with an effective capacity of over 24 petabytes. The Research Institute for Information Technology will use this system as computational resources for JHPCN and HPCI, as well as a variety of user programs.

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