Fujitsu Announces the Stylistic ST5100 Tablet PC Series

Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation today announced the Stylistic ST5111 and ST5112 Tablet PCs, the first slates on the market to offer the latest Intel Core Duo Mobile Technology, delivering maximum power, performance, and battery life. With a choice of state-of-the-art display technologies, text and graphics can be easily seen under various lighting conditions. The Fujitsu Stylistic ST5111 Tablet PC features a 10.4-inch screen, the largest front-lit reflective display in the industry. The XGA TFT display provides outstanding outdoor viewing and is optimized for direct sunlight conditions. The Stylistic ST5112 Tablet PC offers a 12.1-inch bright transmissive indoor/outdoor XGA display with greater than 160° wide viewing angles, allowing for consistent image quality at varying angles. Less than an inch thick, the durable and reliable Stylistic Fujitsu ST5100 Tablet PCs are fortified with a high-quality magnesium-alloy lower housing. Data is protected with the new Fujitsu Shock Sensor utility, an accelerometer-based hard disk drive protection system that retracts the hard drive head if a sudden movement or vibration is detected, reducing the possibility of data loss. The sensor can also be set to password-lock the system if it is touched, preventing the unauthorized access of data.
Intuitive one-touch application buttons, pen and inking capabilities, and a new pen designed with an eraser top ensure maximize productivity.

fujitsub.jpgWith a flexible form factor, Stylistic ST5100 Tablet PCs can be used like a notepad with minimal weight and bulk, or a keyboard can be added for a more familiar notebook feel. The Fujitsu Stylistic ST5111 Tablet PC is priced at $2,1992 for a base configuration, and the Stylistic ST5112 Tablet PC is priced at $2,4292 for a base configuration. Both Tablet PCs are immediately available through the Fujitsu direct sales force, website, channel partners and select retail outlets. Ideal for project-based applications, as well as for mobile professionals in markets including healthcare and field and sales force automation, the 3.5-pound Microsoft Windows-Vista capable thin and light slates save time and reduce data-entry errors.
Via – Fujitsu